20 People Share The Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

Breaking up with someone is never easy, but sometimes it’s an event to remember. When you read these personal accounts you’ll see why.


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1. A Warm Ending

I had an ex end it in 2012 after my deployment to Iraq over some spam number wanting me to give her money. Granted the texts looked sketchy (had to bait the scammer) but the first few texts (they sent me) were poor grammar of ‘her’ wanting to meet me after I give her money. And it wasn’t a secret I liked to bait scammers. (She used to think it was funny)


She probably still believes to this day I cheated, but the back and forth between us was the worst part. Her saying she hoped I’d die on my second deployment and having her new fuck buddy answer her phone, and me threatening to post her nudes she sent on my first deployment and sending her pics of everyone I was fucking in the aftermath saying she was a terrible lay (she used to be fat before I met her and had low self-esteem). It was pretty brutal.


If you’re still out there, I’m sorry B.K. Shit happens. Hope you’re doing well nowadays.



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2. Love Is Unconditional. Relationships Are Not.

When you thought you were together, but you found out you in fact, were not. Just happened. Her kids love me, and don’t know why I’m leaving. Because me and her don’t see eye to eye on what we are. I didn’t really have much feeling about leaving as she didn’t think of us as in a relationship, but then I took her 8 year old son to go disc golf with me one last time, and he expressed his feelings for me, and how he has enjoyed going to swim at the lake, playground, and overall spending time with him, then started talking about how he likes that I treat his mom nice, and misses having a dad figure.


I didn’t want to cry until he talked to me about his feelings of me being around, but I didn’t cry in front of him. Edit, she has 3 kids, 6, 8, and 10. The 10 year old is a computer gamer at heart and I build computers since it’s cheaper, so me and him joke all the time. Edit 2, to answer some of the replies. I’m more spiritual, and open minded. She is a Luciferian, and open minded. Look it up and toss the devil shit out of your mind. In layman’s think of it as Narrssasism, but as a religion. It’s about going solo in life, being the best you, thinking only of you, but basically it’s all about you, you, you. It reminds me of a religious narrssasist imo. She’s not mean, just I wasn’t ever in the picture, and I thought I was.



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3. Ghosted!

I’ve been ghosted before, we weren’t officially dating, but it still sucks. Here’s the full story I posted on another thread:


A couple of years ago this girl messaged me on reddit saying she really connected with a comment I made about first seeing the ocean because she had just gone through a similar experience. She was going to come down to Chicago to visit a friend of hers and asked for suggestions of things to do. I gave her a bunch and then we kept talking and finding out we had more and more in common. We eventually started talking over the phone and text messages and when she came down we went out for burgers and beer.


We kept talking every day after that and I was really starting to like her. She said she wanted to come down to Chicago again and if she could stay with me. I told her of course and a few weeks later she was here for Saturday and Sunday. Really it was mostly Sunday because she got in late on Saturday and fell asleep on my couch.


The next day we went to the zoo and had a really amazing day. After that we came back to my place and decided to go to the brewery nearby which made a beer that had her name in it. We went there and then ended up barhopping through until we ended up near the dive bar by my apartment. We drank and played pool there and eventually grabbed some to-go beers and headed back. I asked if she wanted to see the place by the river I liked to go and drink and think. We sat and eventually started making out and decided to head back to my apartment.


We hooked up and then the next day went to the south side to get breakfast at a place she really liked near her friend’s apartment before she had to drive back. We kept talking after that and I was planning on coming up to visit her in Detroit, but then one day she just ghosted me out of no where. Not as horrible as some other stories, but it was really shitty for me because I actually really liked this girl and to this day I have no idea why she stopped talking to me.



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4. “Terrible person.”

I have the winner on this, but care not to go back into it. If I were to go back in time, it would be to take care of yourself first.


I can’t stress this enough- and I don’t mean in the sense of your own stability at the time.

If she has your car- get it back, ASAP but provide for her an alternative if you are able to financially.


If she has stuff in your house- get it out ASAP and take that to a friend’s house. This includes all of her files out of your cabinet, any computers, etc. Any hardware goes back to wherever she decided to whore out.


Call your parents and let them know why.

Send e-mails to her parents and let them know why.

Be fuckin done with it and never ever let anyone from her life enter yours again.

Then, as a man, you’ll need to grieve, because she won’t.


Grieve like a motherfucker. Grieve hard. Cry your fuckin eyes out over what you thought was “WE”. Your house, the home that you built together, the cars, the shop if you’re into woodworking, the yard, spare bedrooms, the kitchen utensils, dishes, the garden- all of that. Fuck her. She allowed some other man into your home and fucked him on your bed. This piece of shit man had twin 13 year old girls and came to my house and used my fucking grill before sticking his dirty dick in on my couch, then moved to my bed. He picked my goddamn tomatoes. And my peas.


Next thing you know she’s trying to convince my family that I’m terrible. This is why you nip this in the bud.


Then go get as much ass as you’re capable of with your good looks and confidence that you got this whore out of your life before it turned into legal bill.


Fuck you, in your goat goddamn manipulative dumb whore ass, W. Fuck You.


Nothing against your new husband. Hope he likes fucking that Return of the Jedi Sand Toothed-Monster of a pussy, with those muscular arms and no-neck spread high above the halo of your next plan. Seriously, Fuck you.

Terrible person.



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5. An Open Relationship?

So I had a boyfriend that I had been dating for eight months when he asked if we could have an open relationship so he could find out if he was “gay” or not by dating other dudes. I said no because, well, who in their right mind would let their bf date other people so he could find out if he wanted to leave you? He asked me if he could cheat on me! So I became a bit suspicious of him from then on. I have nothing against gay people tho. Love who you love man, but don’t cheat!


Fast forward a few days later, I hear from one of his close friends that he had been doing some sexual things with guys over Skype. I was upset of course, but I didn’t say anything to him. 1 day later he texts me, asking if I want to play hangman. I thought that he was just trying to be funny, so I played along with him. I mean, who plays hangman over text??


So anyway we play, and I’m guessing letters. Pretty soon the message revealed itself.

Break up was what he put as the hangman word.

This guy, broke up with me over text, using hangman.



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6. A Rough Ending

By not telling me at all. We had been together for 3-4 weeks and one day I was just coming home from work and I saw her walking with another dude. I confronted her in front of him and the conversation went something like this :


Me : “Hey (her name), who’s this?”

Her : “Oh, hey, this is (his name), my boyfriend.”

Me : “Uhmm haven’t we been in a relationship for like a month now?”

Her : “Ugh I guess, but we clearly broke up yesterday evening.”

Me : *visible confusion


We didn’t break up that evening, we just had a minor squabble about how we should spend more time together (I was working 12s that week), we even kissed when I was leaving her place and she told me “I love you”.


I was so astounded I couldn’t even be mad. Forgot about her in a few weeks and moved on with my life.



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7. A Christmas Story

Christmas Eve my ex got all of her gifts because we wouldn’t see each other the next day because she would be “busy”. Turns out she had been cheating on me with another guy and she just wanted to get her gifts. After packing everything she says oh yea we are done I’m seeing someone else and left. We were together for several years and engaged at that point but at least I got the ring back. Edit: thanks for silver I didn’t know my worst moment would turn out to be my best on reddit XD And this was 2011 I moved on and married my middle school crush we have been together for 6 years now.



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8. Heartbroken

Was working away in another country for a year and would come back for a week every 3-4 months. To make up for being away I’d spoil her with gifts, getting flowers delivered to her house, buying her massage/fuel/food vouchers she could use whenever etc, this was on top of messenging her and video calling whenever I could despite the unfriendly time zones. Basically I was doing what I could in the position I was in, the plan was to buy us a house when I got back, it was a whole reason for me taking the job in the first place.


The year is up, and I give her my flight details for my last trip home, she wanted to pick me up from the airport. Messages me an hour before I get on the plane to tell me she had been cheating with her ex pretty much the entire time I was away, and that were over because ‘she needs some time to herself’


I was bitter and heartbroken but fell on my feet and met the best girl ever a month later. Ended up taking new girlfriend on a year long world trip with some of the money I’d saved, the ex finds out about this and completely flips her shit and damn it still feels good even today.



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9. Finding Out The Hard Way

This guy had his friend call my friend to break up for him. He was on the other line in a three way call with his phone muted so he could hear what she said without her knowing. I’d have to day that was a pretty crappy way to break up.


We found out he was on the other line when he approached her the next day thinking that since she was mostly calm and pleasant to his friend, that she didn’t take it badly. He found out the hard way that his assumption was incorrect.



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10. Kill Them With Kindness

Alright, bear with me for a moment.


First and foremost, put yourself in your soon-to-be-ex-partner’s shoes and think about life from their perspective. What would make themhappy? Have they mentioned a particular attraction to a specific sort of person? What qualities would they find most alluring? In short, who would their ideal mate really be?


Once you have a decent image in your mind, go out and find someone who embodies every trait that your future-ex-lover would find appealing. This person will likely be in a relationship already, so you’ll have to sabotage that before continuing. (The liberal application of either glitter or gasoline can help with this.) Once the two of them are broken up, discreetly murder the extraneous individual and turn your attention to the “perfect mate” that you’ve found. (This will ensure that they won’t get back together after a late-night phone call or something.)


Gain this person’s trust. Become their closest confidant… and then, when they open up to you about how lonely they’ve felt since their ownbreakup, secretly set them up with the person that you’re trying to dump.


Don’t make it obvious that you’re setting them up, though. See, things will be much more exciting for them if they feel like they can’t be together. Stay on alert for blossoming sexual tension, and watch for those longing, lingering gazes they cast to one another from across the room. Finally, when the time is right… kill that ideal person while your partner watches.


If done correctly, they will break up with you, and you’ll have shown them that there really are other fish in the sea.


Well… there were, anyway.

TL;DR: Kill them with kindness.



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11. Short And To The Point

Dude sent me a screen shot of him with my girl laying on his chest on Valentine’s Day while I was overnight in a hotel for work many hours away.



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12. A Long Distance

My first year at at college, I was in a long distance relationship with a girl from back home. I didn’t have a car at the time, so I had to take a bus if I ever wanted to make the 300 mile (6 hours or so) trip back home. I tried taking a bus to visit her a few months in, but the bus was cancelled for maintenance issues. Fast forward a month later and I book another one. At this point we had been talking about how we were both so excited to see each other since my last visit hadn’t panned out. I got on the bus, put in my headphones and dozed off. About an hour into the bus ride I get a call from her, and she asks “hey I’ve been thinking we should just be friends from now on.”


This girl waited until I was on the bus heading to her to break up with me, after months of telling me how excited she was that I would finally be able to visit. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the worst way to break up with someone.



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13. First Love

I was 13, ready to leave my first boyfriend. We had been together 7 or 8 months. He cared for me a lot more then I cared for him. I couldn’t leave him in person because I knew I couldn’t see his face when I did it. So I wrote a note and on the outside wrote “read at home by yourself”. I couldn’t even give him the note. I had a friend do it. Evidently she said “marry Christmas” as she threw it to him in the hallway. He of course expected something happy. He called me absolutely bawling his eyes out. We ended up being friends afterwards. But it took 9 and a half years before he stopped trying to win me back. I still feel bad for the way I left him.



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14. An Introduction To Dating

When I was 13 I called my boyfriend and his mom told me he was out with his girlfriend. She had no idea who I was – he and I went to different schools and I’d never met her. I only saw him at church and we held hands and talked on the phone a lot and he kissed me like 3 times maybe. So she wasn’t being cruel.


A year or two later I went out with his best friend. One day I got a call from my ex telling me that J (current boyfriend) had cheated on me. Yeah, he had his best friend, my ex, call to tell me. This was my introduction into dating.



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15. “I’m lesbian!”

Blurt out “I’m lesbian” even though you’re obviously gender-non-conforming and hit on anyone of any gender, because you accidentally panicked and couldn’t tell him that him playing owl city for 6 hours on loop while making you organize his complete collection of national geographic magazines every weekend was way too annoying, and him rather spending 3 months secluded on an island with his mom and not visiting you even though he could he just wanted to “spend time with mom” was kinda creepy. Then never show your face around him again cause you’re in a long term relationship with a guy and you’re pretty sure your ex is too dumb to figure it out on his own, but he’s 6’7 and you don’t want to see what would happen if he found out



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16. A Fun Story

Here’s a fun story. I had a thing for this girl in high school I was good friends with. I shot my shot and missed. Fucked me up for a while. Then she started dating my best friend. That stung quite a bit. But this story isn’t about me. We became even better friends after a while and after 2(?) ish years of dating he broke up with her at our last winter formal after kind of blowing her off for a few weeks. Then that fucked HER up. The circle of life, right? So then she fell back on me and I spent way too many nights talking to her about it and consoling her. Still felt bad for her. Felt so bad that I ended up taking her to prom instead of this other girl I was talking to at the time. Fun times. Thanks for reading my story lol.



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17. “Worst thing I’ve ever done to another person.”

Make plans to move to another city together about 5 hours away from your hometown, move there before they do to get yourself a job and set up. Act normally for the first 2 months, wait until just before they are about to make the move too so they’ve quit their job and got all their things packed then ghost them, stop replying to texts and answering calls leaving them absolutely dumbfounded and confused and terrified for about 2-3 weeks.


Then drive 5 hours back to hometown to unexpectedly show up on their doorstep, break up with them, leave them bawling their eyes out in their house alone then drive 5 hours back to city and continue on living without ever paying a thought to how you just destroyed the person who loved you more than anything in the world.


Worst thing I’ve ever done to another person.

On the bright side we’re now engaged and have a 7 month old son.



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18. Worth It!

So I broke up with this girl I was dating for 3 months because she ignored me after the first month and half (which she did after we first started fooling around the previous year but with no title). And after she started pushing me away, knowing she’s doing the same thing again. I was her longest relationship she had been in, the first for her in 6 years (she was 25) and also her first real date (amongst many other firsts for her). Given that she hasn’t had been in a committed relationship, it wasn’t much surprise when she told me that she had never received flowers before. So after a month of basically not hearing from her, giving her her time to figure out what she wanted to do and how to communicate that to me, I sent her flowers to her work on her birthday with the description ” I hope these flowers interest you more than I do – sincerely, your ex.”


I was told by her best friend that she was thrilled at first and then once she read the card she was “mortified”. She then had spent the rest of her work day 5+ hrs having her patients tell her how beautiful the flowers were and how lucky she was to receive such beautiful flowers, while asking who they were from.


My friends had told me not to waste the money on her ($110) if I was just going to break up with her. I think it ended up being money well spent….

Worth it!



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19. Sometimes Things Fall Apart

I was dating a guy who was very into me very quickly into dating. I laid out for him from the get go that I was just looking for a FWB, and he said he agreed and was absolutely on board with that.


The same night that I drilled FWBs in for the third time (… on our third date), he made jokes about owning a house together, installed weird software on my computer, and asked to meet my friends and family. It was cringy enough as is, but the cherry on top was when we got back to my place after dinner, he asked me to help him wrap some presents, which I found out later were for my family, my roommate, and me. Just out of the blue, here’s some presents.


I asked him to leave that night, because he was just too over the top.


The next night I was out with some friends, who convinced me to break up with him while drunk over text. And I did, I drunk texted him that he deserved someone more committed and I was just looking for a fling.


Well that didn’t stick, that night he showed up at my apartment and asked me to buzz him in so we could talk. Absolutely not.


The next day, after he’d called me all night and day, I finally texted him and said “if what you have to say is so important, let’s meet at starbucks”.


And we did. Because I was young and a sucker. He was just there to guilt me, as anyone with any experience would know, into getting back with him.


But 15 minutes in, two really scraggly men, probably homeless, decided to sit at the table right next to us and have an honest-to-god fart off. They were sitting at the table, taking bites of footlongs, giggling, leaning to one side, letting ‘er rip, rinse and repeat.


So yeah, the worst way to break up with a guy would be by laughing so hard you cried at two hobos farting for an hour straight, while he sobs into his arms on the other side of the table.



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20. No One Goes Straight To Happiness After A Breakup

2 weeks before Christmas, 2 weeks after my father died 3 months after my step-dad died, and a month after I had an emergency operation where I almost died, my fiancé left my home (driving) for NM (as planned) to go and get all of the rest of his things to finally after 3 years, move completely in with me in California before our wedding that was planned to happen in 4 months.


Seeing him off he told me that he” loved me more than the world” We kissed, and he drove off waving. Somewhere on his way back to NM, he disappeared without a trace.

All of our friends, his friends, co-workers, even strangers. Everyone we knew combed the roads, the hospitals and morgues from CA to NM. No one could find him or his car. His friends were beside themselves. I was incredibly distraught not knowing what had happened to him, crying every day. His phone was turned off, no one could track him. Missing person reports were filed, police were called in. His elderly mother was hysterical. We all went into mourning. Everyone knew he had to be dead.


3 months later he called me. Told me that he had taken off to Texas with a woman he had met through a magazine subscription I had bought him, (there was a problem with the subscription. She was an editor. He met her when he went into the office). He told me that leaving me “was the worst mistake of his life” and begged me to come back. Turns out he had stolen my engagement ring as well. I noticed it was missing, but remembered he said he wanted to have it reset. I thought he wanted to do something special for the wedding.


Stunned and in shock, I hung up on him and never spoke to him again. Not one of his friends ever spoke to him again. His mother didn’t speak to him for 2 years. He was universally shunned. He even got fired from his job. Then for years he wrote me long, maudlin letters… that I never answered. Wedding was canceled. My family ate the deposits. I ate the pain.

A few years later when I was in NM with my new husband.. met on a trip driven by my grief. (Wonderful guy, I’m so grateful). We ran into my ex and the woman he had left me for (when I wouldn’t take him back, he went back to her). He looked terrified. My husband, the prince that he is, with a big grin on his face grabbed this asshole’s hand and shaking it really hard said:

“Man, I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made my world!”


The ex was pisssssed. Then I looked at the woman he had left me for. No shit. She was at least 15 years older than I am, had at least 50 lbs on me, She looked like a grizzly bear in a mumu. I literally burst out laughing, but in that moment, I let it go. The ex was more miserable in the life he had made than I could ever wish on him.


So yeah. That breakup was pretty awful.