10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lily Singh

1. She owes her dad royalties

One of the most beloved sketches from Lily’s show is of her parents. When asked whether her depictions of her parents are accurate, she says some elements are true, but most is exaggerated. However, a lot of her lines that are said by her character, Manjeet are directly from her dad. This made her dad ask her for royalties! She better fork over the cash!


2. She doesn’t have a favourite colour

It’s true. Lily believes that if she did have a favourite color, it would hurt the feelings of the other colors…awww.


3. She has a big, massive crush on Dwayne Johnson

When Dwayne caught wind of this rumour, he made it a point to feature himself in a lot of her videos.


4. She has never had a cup of tea or coffee

This is quite surprising, but Lily Singh does not drink tea or coffee! How does she get all that energy?


5. She had an imaginary friend as a child

Lily wasn’t as popular as she is now. As a child, she claimed to have had an imaginary friend named Sasha.


6. She is a fan of animal prints

Lily is a big fan of animal prints and you may see her wearing them on the red carpet or in some of her videos!


7. She is bisexual

Lily Singh came out as bisexual and will now be the only bisexual late night host to ever exist! How cool!


8. Lily doesn’t like to swear

It’s true! This polite Canadian doesn’t like to get too raunchy with her choice of words, unless she’s in a specific role that requires swearing.


9. She never wears orange

Although Lily doesn’t have a favourite color, she has a least favourite color, and that’s orange. For some reason you never see her wearing this color.


10. She’s never been stung by a bee

It’s crazy, but Lily has never been stung by a bee in her entire life. So lucky!