9 Signs Your Crush Likes You

1.  They steal glances at you

If you feel like your crush is looking at you not just once, but twice or even three times throughout the day. It means they want to catch a glimpse of you, that means they might like you!


2. They send long messages

Notice if your crush is sending you long messages via text or social media. This means that they want to keep the conversation going with you. Which means, you guessed it…they probably like you.


3. They want to know more about you

In a regular friendship, your friend may not be so interested in personal details about your life. But if your crush is prying about your personal life, it’s a tell tale sign they like you.


4. They notice small things about you

Don’t be surprised if your crush asks about the scar on your left hand or if he/she notices that red streak in your hair. They’re looking closely which means they really like you!


5. They become overly helpful around you

Your crush, when they see you may leap at the chance to help you with something. If you drop something, they’re magically there to pick it up, if they notice you’re short of change, they’ll lend you a quarter no prob!


6. They can withstand long convos with you

If you find yourself having long conversations with your crush and they don’t bat an eye, then it’s likely that they like you, a lot!


7. They are weirdly presentable when you’re around

Your crush will know in advance if you’re showing up somewhere, so if they know you’ll be there, they will make an effort with their appearance.


8. They are always strangely nearby

If you notice your crush is sitting beside you, standing near you a lot, then it probably means they like you. They’re making an effort to be around you and like being in your presence.


9. They share secrets with you

Has your crush shared a big personal secret with you, and entrusted you to keep it safe? It means they feel comfortable with you and want to feel closer with you. It means they like you, duh!